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16th - 29th March

March To

What is the March to Leave?

It is now clear the Westminster political class are betraying the will of the people over Brexit. The people’s will must triumph! To bring about the Triumph of the Will, Leave Means Leave are undertaking a peaceful march to demonstrate the depth and breadth of popular discontent with the way Brexit has been handled.

Why are we marching?

Over 17 million people voted Leave in the EU referendum, many for the last time, with the vote receiving the second highest turnout in British history (after the Scottish referendum’s 84.6% turnout). If the metropolitan liberal elite don’t deliver a proper Brexit, it could destroy the British people’s faith in democracy.

Where are we marching?

Our march will begin in Sunderland, the first district to declare its emphatic support for Brexit in the referendum and which has recently taken back control over production of the Nissan X-Trail SUV.

From there we will march to Parliament Square in London, often marching by bus to save older peoples’ legs. We will stay overnight at the excellent accommodation offered by our friends at Bed and Brexit.

What can you do if you can’t march?

Many British people live overseas, but also want to show their support for closing borders to prevent people migrating to other countries. They are invited to watch Nigel’s March for Brexit video diary in selected locations around the globe. Singaporean Brexiteers are invited to view outside the new Dyson Head Office. Russian-based Brexiteers are invited to enquire at any branch of Moscow Banks.

We hope that Somerset Capital Management will provide space for assembling in Dublin, and we expect to announce venues in Gascony, France and Istanbul, Turkey soon.

What are our demands?

Are you with us? Or are you against us?