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16th - 29th March


Money isn’t everything, so we are not asking for cash donations to the March To Leave cause. However, we do need you to donate your time, and your body. As a member of the march, you will contribute to the morass. The more meat, the bigger the spectacle!

As stated on the march page, you will be asked to bring a single (used) £50 banknote. This is not for donation purposes. Instead, at a location between Aldfield and Wetherby, you will be asked to ignite the £50 note as a symbolic gesture of defiance against HM The Queen’s signalling of support for the EU (by wearing a blue and yellow hat).

If £50 notes are not readily available to you, we shall assume you are not the kind of hard-working British Lion/Bulldog who would be welcome at the march, and suggest you decline to join us.

If you are a Russian donor, please contact us to find out which Banks to use before you putin your money.