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16th - 29th March

To March

It is time we stopped marching to the beat of the European Union’s drum. We must march to the beat of our own drum (drum not provided; please bring your own). You can join our histrionic march at any point along the route. But remember to bring along these essentials:

How to become a core marcher

What is the point of marching?

Since prehistoric times, historical marches have been the tried and tested way to enact political and cultural change. Relying on public investment, expertise, or any kind of legal democratic process cannot hold a tiki torch to marching. Moving from one location to another over the course of one or more days, while brandishing signs bearing thought-terminating clichés, is the best way to get attention.

Pair of hiking boots

“These boots were made for walking”

“These boots were made for licking”

— Nancy Sinatra

The March To Brexit is destined to take its rightful place among other famous historical (and prehistorical) marches; marches like:

Nigel asks are we all here? The marchers answer yes oh leader. Artist's impression of the march
Join Nigel and fellow patriots at the march

Will you join us? Will you March to Leave (London)? Or will you stay at home, non-marching, in a chair, like some sort of weakling?