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16th - 29th March

The Route

Route information
Date Location
16th March

Sunderland — Hartlepool

Our journey starts in the historic market town of Sunderland. We shall meet outside the Nissan offices on Washington Road at 7am sharp.

17th March

Hartlepool — Middlesbrough

On the second day, we'll be setting out from Hartlepool, famous for the television show Skint Britain. We'll meet at the EDF Power Station at 11.37am sharp.

18th March

Middlesbrough — Swainby

In the birthplace of Captain James Cook, the famous explorer who discovered the uninhabited island of Australia (which grew into a country with an enviable record of immigration control). We will meet outside PoundLand in Captain Cook Square at 8.55am.

19th March

Aldfield — Wetherby

On the 19th, we’ll set off from Britain’s bar billiards capital, Aldfield. All you studs get yourselves to Studley Park at 8.40am sharp!

20th March

Wetherby — Pontefract

On 20th March, the birthday of Dame Vera Lynne, we shall meet at Wetherby War Memorial. After a short speech by Nigel about all that we plucky Brits have done for an ungrateful Europe, we commence marching at 10.10am sharp.

21st March

Nostell — Doncaster

Nostell is the most populous small village in England. We meet at 9.45am sharp outside Nostell’s famous Priory.

22nd March

Wadworth — Worksop

We meet at 6.45am sharp outside Saint John The Baptist’s church to march. Brexit is a kind of Baptism Of Fire: not for the faint-hearted.

23rd March

Mansfield — Beeston

Join us at Mansfield Cemetery at 11am sharp. Mansfield is named for the actress Jayne Mansfield, who is white.

24th March

Beeston — Cropston

In Beeston’s recent history, four newly constructed prefab homes were demolished due to lack of structural integrity. Residents no doubt felt cheated that they were sold a lie. We meet at Mecca Bingo at 10.32am sharp. Note that despite the worrying name, Mecca Bingo is not a mosque.

25th March

Leicester — Oakham

Leicester (pronounced “Lie Chester” by our American overlords) is our next starting point. We’ll meet at the National Space Centre — fitting since the Brexit Dividend will be invested in colonizing Jupiter. To infinity and behind!. Join us at 7.50am sharp.

26th March

Corby — Wellingborough

Corby has a very long history, dating all the way back to the Mesolithic period when British people were all black. We meet outside Cheeky Monkees Play Centre at 6.30am sharp.

27th March

Towcester – Padbury

Towcester is the birthplace of professional footballer Elliot Parish. Keep kicking those foot balls, Elliot! We meet at Towcester Centre For Leisure: Towcester’s premier leisure centre.

28th March

Aylesbury – Beaconsfield

"Brexit might be a disaster, but I couldn’t give an Aylesbury!" We have fun. This time, the meeting place is at Roald Dahl Children’s Gallery. Roald Dahl, a great British writer, authored The Twits. We meet at 11am sharp.

29th March

Preston — Parliament Square

The final stretch! Preston is famous for being the birthplace of Preston from The Ordinary Boys. We meet at Kenton Hall and march to London for what will no doubt be a heroes’ welcome, despite London voting to Remain 60% to 40%. A lot has changed since the vote, and it’s now clearer than ever (if in an abstract, conjectural way) that Brexit will be an even greater success than we had hoped!